Choosing a Scene Kid Wallpaper

The images that people choose for the desktop wallpaper of their computers can sometimes say a lot about their identities. There are plenty of people who don’t put much thought into their desktop wallpapers, which often partly sends the message that they’re focusing on other things. It may also send the message that they aren’t particularly interested in interior decorating, fashion, or related art forms. Other people will try to put a lot of personal expression into their desktop wallpapers and their computers will really stand out as a result.

scene kid wallpapers


Many individuals will simply choose pleasing images, but other people may feel that they can partly reinforce their chosen identities through their computer desktop wallpapers. Many scene kid wallpaper choices seem to indicate that this is the case for members of that particular subculture. Many of the stylistic motifs found in the typical scene kid wardrobe can also be found in the typical scene kid desktop wallpaper.

For one thing, scene fashion emphasizes neon colors quite a bit. Most scene kid computer wallpaper images are going to be full of neon colors. In fact, some of these wallpapers are more or less going to resemble abstract configurations of neon colors, often similar to a highly conceptual digital painting. These wallpapers can be somewhat striking to look at, and it may not be immediately obvious that the wallpaper in question is a scene wallpaper in any way. People who don’t connect the scene subculture to neon colors may not make the connection.

Other scene kid desktop wallpapers are much more easily identifiable as products of this particular subculture. Some of these wallpapers will feature graphics and symbols that are popular in the scene subculture. One interesting aspect of the subculture is the fact that some death motifs which people associate with the goth subculture are also popular in the scene subculture, although the two groups approach the subject very differently. Death is certainly dramatic and the scene subculture emphasizes standing out among the crowd.


In the goth subculture, skeletons, bats, and other dark motifs are paired with dark colors and reds. In the scene subculture, these kinds of dark motifs will often be paired with the same characteristic neon colors that represent the subculture in general. It makes for an odd dichotomy, especially since cheerful, popular cartoon icons are sometimes also added into the mix. Halloween is certainly about dark themes and emotions for some people; other people emphasize the costume party aspect more. To a certain extent, this divide characterizes the different ways in which goth people and scene people use Halloween motifs.

Lots of scene kid desktop wallpapers have a very busy appearance. These kinds of busy wallpapers certainly draw attention to themselves, which is part of the objective with scene fashion. The wallpapers will be littered with symbols that scene kids like. Small images of couples kissing might be featured on the same page as a series of stars, lightning bolts, musical notes, gems, hearts, and crowns. The kissing couples will just act as additional symbols in a long arrangement of other symbols. Many of these wallpapers have a certain manic energy to them, as if they were assembled by someone who was anxious to record his or her thoughts and feelings.

Some of the wallpapers almost look like sheets of stickers, giving them a very familiar feel. Many scene kid desktop wallpapers have an improvised look to them, which matches the look of a lot of scene kid outfits. While it takes a lot of effort to put the scene wardrobe together, it often has a casual look to it. Scene kids don’t take this as far as hipsters, of course, but they also don’t emphasize formal clothing like goths.

The scene desktop wallpapers that aren’t as colorful will often feature both black and hot pink, possibly with some white. If many scene people had to pick one color, they would probably choose hot pink, and hot pink is everywhere in the desktop wallpapers that they choose. The iconography and the color scheme of many desktop wallpapers is going to give them away as scene wallpapers, which can allow scene kids to subtly emphasize their identities each and every time they activate their computers.

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