The Complicated Scene Kids Definition

Establishing a scene kids definition is harder than it may initially appear. The scene subculture is, in some ways, one of the most complicated subcultures to emerge in recent years. Many modern subcultures place a great deal of emphasis on wearing a certain style of clothing and listening to a certain selection of musicians. People who join these subcultures are trying to construct a coherent new identity and they seek out these styles of clothing and music for the sake of identity reinforcement. The scene subculture is no different, but it manages to set itself apart from many other subcultures in a unique way: it sometimes seems to be a blend of various other subcultures.

definition of scene kids

There’s a great deal of overlap between a wide range of different subcultures. Many people who are outside of both subcultures get the goth and the punk subcultures confused, for instance, since a lot of punks and goths will include piercings and dark colors in their ensembles. Some people identify as both punk and goth, so the subcultures have merged in some respects. The scene subculture almost entirely seems like the product of various other subcultures merging. Many people involved in the scene subculture tend to be actively searching for their identities, and they seem to have made emotional connections in several different places as a result.

Many scene kids stress that their subculture is distinct from the emo subculture. The two subcultures do listen to some of the same music groups, but the scene subculture tends to listen to many different music groups that are sometimes associated with other subcultures. The emo subculture tends to place a lot of emphasis on powerful and sometimes negative emotions, which is very different from the scene subculture. The scene subculture, if anything, tends to emphasize being positive and living one’s life regardless of how other people react. Both the emo and scene subcultures are not without their share of critics, so the fact that being confident in oneself is such an important virtue in the scene subculture is certainly not surprising.

The definition of a scene kid is also difficult to fully establish because different scene kids will define it in unique ways. Many people are going to vary in terms of their opinions of their own subcultures. For some scene kids, an important part of identifying as “scene” is not being judgmental or cocky about being scene in the first place. The scene movement partly seems like a backlash against people in various subcultures who take their subcultures far too seriously. The scene subculture isn’t mocking these people, but scene kids seem to be trying to take their own styles in a different direction.

The scene style seems to emphasize a lot of bright and cheerful colors, which sets it apart from the style of the goth and punk subcultures substantially. Some aspects of the scene subculture seem to be somewhat preppy and cheerful in nature. Many of the popular subcultures among young people in the last thirty years have emphasized turning away from being preppy, making the preppy style something that was popular and reviled at the same time. The scene style almost seems to represent a backlash against that mindset as well, as if the scene kids are trying to absorb the positive aspects of the preppy style with none of the negative overtones.

Scene kids avoid wearing too many items that were purchased at thrift stores, which is a practice that is strongly associated with the hipster movement. Many scene kids do dress in a manner that is reminiscent of hipsters, however, which can make the situation somewhat confusing to the people on the outside. Still, it doesn’t take a lot of money to dress like a scene kid. Eyeliner, bright-colored hair dye, and some fashionably asymmetrical and mismatched clothing will often be enough to complete the look.

Scene kids give themselves a lot of room to explore within the subculture itself. The scene style has a certain built-in flexibility which is definitely part of its appeal. Scene music is fairly broad, ranging from cheerful to mildly gloomy. The subculture seems to be a good choice for people who are still trying to find their place within the world.

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