Envisioning a Scene Kid Name Generator

Name generators typically attract a lot of attention online. Some people try to create names and use them, and other people create these sorts of names as a joke. Since many people on the internet have a strong fondness for irony, some people would more or less try to do both. Plenty of scene kids certainly have a sense of humor about their subculture, which is partly built on the idea that people should be confident. Confident people try not to let small jokes bother them. Still, all scene kids and people familiar with the scene subculture will recognize certain patterns in the choices that scene kids make when it comes to their screen names and the other names that they use online.

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There are certain adjectives that show up a lot in the screen names of scene kids. Synonyms for “pretty” or “cute” are common, as are synonyms for “talkative” or “tough.” Often, synonyms are paired with names and a scene name generator could take advantage of that trend quite nicely. There are plenty of domain name generators that already operate on those principles, such as namemesh.com. As long as these name generators use the right set of adjectives, scene kids could easily end up with screen names and usernames like “ToughTed” or “PrettyPolly.”

Scene kids value aesthetics and confidence, so it shouldn’t be surprising that many of them specifically choose screen names that reference those virtues. Some scene kids may use their real names, even if they include specific adjectives when using their names. However, other people will choose online names that have more of a scene flavor to them. Lots of online screen names associated with the scene subculture are very catchy and witty, while also being fairly common Western names. People with longer names may essentially trade them in when they go online, where they will often assume a new identity in the process.

Other scene kid names might include references to famous anime characters. Plenty of people in this subculture would favor name generators that allowed them to mesh certain adjectives with the names of their favorite characters. Other people might favor references to Alice in Wonderland, a narrative and set of symbols that has managed to become popular for people in the goth and the scene subculture. Goth people would be more likely to favor literary references when they were choosing their screen names since the goth subculture puts a lot of emphasis on romantic literature. However, the scene subculture isn’t necessarily adverse to literary references, especially when it comes to literature which has a lot of a presence in popular culture.

Of course, some scene kids would never use a name generator for any reason. Their movement places more emphasis on individual self-expression, and some scene kids would see the name generator as being something that turns aspects of the scene identity into commodities or gimmicks. Other people might interpret the concept of a scene kid name generator as being a joke in itself, and not everyone is going to be satisfied. Some people might use a scene name generator in order to create parodies related to the scene subculture. However, if too many people did this, the parodies would eventually become stale and repetitive.

The presence of a scene name generator would partly indicate just how popular the scene identity is today. Obscure and tiny subcultures do not attract name generators of any kind, even among the few die-hard fans; only the popular subcultures attract this kind of attention. The critics of the scene culture end up validating the subculture by their very presence, since something needs to reach a certain level of popularity to develop critics. The fact that it is possible to create a scene name generator also indicates that the subculture has a certain degree of cohesion, in spite of the fact that there is a lot of flexibility within it. Scene kids should rejoice at the possibility of a scene name generator, since it is overall a positive sign for them and for the subculture.

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