Notable Scene Kid Quotes

Some scene kid quotes are going to be hard to pin down. For one thing, most quotes from scene kids are going to be falsely attributed to them. It is much easier to find examples of scene quotes which relate to the scene subculture itself, yet which are written from the perspective of people outside of the subculture. The scene subculture has certainly inspired plenty of internet memes where the saying is featured along with a photograph. Some scene kids may adopt these sorts of sayings with or without irony but many of them were not originally from the scene subculture.

scene kid quotes

It is interesting that in internet culture, fan groups can form against something or in favor of it. Entire groups of people will create fan fiction about works of fiction that they dislike. The people who dislike the scene subculture almost seem to have formed their own miniature culture in opposition to it, and that culture has produced its own set of quotes and symbols. Separating members of one subculture from opposing fans of almost anything can be difficult in some cases.

There are plenty of quotes which scene kids like, but these quotes may or may not be considered popular in the scene subculture itself. Lots of individual scene kids seem to like quotes about love, which makes sense. Many adolescents have been fed an idealized image of love throughout a good portion of their childhoods. Many of them are trying to grow beyond that image but others may still have some affection for it. Quotes about love and relationships are going to appeal to people who are still developing their own philosophies about the subject, and many adolescents are in that situation. Discussions of love and romance are by no means unique to scene kids, but the scene culture doesn’t try to exclude them either. The imagery and iconography that many scene kids use is full of romance and romantic symbols, so it isn’t surprising that a lot of their favorite quotes revolve around similar topics.

It also fairly easy to find quotes in the scene subculture that relate to the adolescent experience in general. Not all members of the scene culture are adolescents, of course; some of them are preteens and some of them are in their twenties. However, the majority of scene people are adolescents, so the adolescent experience is going to be an important topic of discussion. People who are about to become teenagers will probably find the topic relevant as well, and many people in their twenties are close enough to the adolescent experience emotionally that they are generally willing to listen and can still understand the references. Scene people who bring up quotes about the adolescent experience should find a receptive audience.

One popular scene quote is a variation on the following phrase: Some people blend in with the crowd, but we want to make a scene. This quote is useful because it helps make it clear why the name “scene” caught on with the subculture in the first place. The term “scene” may not be entirely intuitive for a lot of people, which has no doubt confused a lot of parents, teachers, and others who work with adolescents. The noun “scene” has not been used in this context very frequently before and the scene subculture is still relatively new. As the scene subculture becomes more popular, this situation will probably change. However, this scene quote is something that people can use in order to clear up any of the confusion that still remains.

A lot of other scene quotes are about individuality and not changing oneself for the sake of others. Many scene kids will include visual posts on their blogs that contain inspirational quotes that are all about maintaining one’s identity, even in the face of intense criticism. Naturally, the people who post those quotes on the internet will receive intense criticism, but internet bullies will often do that to any target they find. Scene kids have been a favorite target for internet bullies from the beginning, which has probably only strengthened the bond that scene kids have for one another in the first place. In their own way, the online bullies have probably promoted group unity.

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