Understanding Scene Kid Clothes

The scene fashion sense is somewhat complicated. Scene kids spend a lot of time innovating when it comes to fashion, which can make scene clothes somewhat difficult to identify at first glance. Goth fashion is unmistakable; it involves a lot of black and it tends to emphasize formal and somewhat anachronistic stylistic choices. Scene kid fashion, in some ways, almost reads as the exact opposite of goth fashion.

scene kid clothing

Goth fashion is all about dark colors. Usually, the only bright color that goths emphasize is red, giving their wardrobe a very darkly dramatic look. Scene clothes emphasize the kinds of bright colors that draw lots of attention to the wearers, which is certainly what scene kids intend. They didn’t join the scene subculture in order to perfectly blend in with the rest of the crowd, and there is generally no danger of that happening when it comes to hardcore members of the scene community.

Naturally, the bright colors in the scene wardrobe are also important in scene hairstyles. It is sometimes easy to identify scene kids based on their hair. They will typically wear bright colors to match, although the bright colors may have been deliberately chosen because they clash with the wearer’s dyed hair. Not all bright colors are created equally, of course. There are subcategories within the category of bright colors. Scene clothing tends to emphasize wearing neon colors. Some of these colors may also double as pastel shades, but there aren’t going to be as many primary colors in scene clothing.

Individuals who are fond of 1980s fashion may notice the ways in which a lot of scene clothes are vaguely reminiscent of youth fashion in the 1980s. For one thing, a lot of scene kids wear tight leggings. They may pair these leggings with short shorts or short skirts, which was very popular in 1980s fashion and has recently come back into style. The fashion of the 1980s was also exclusively famous for focusing on neon colors which are everywhere in scene fashion today.

Naturally, scene kid clothes are almost always paired with very obvious accessories. In that regard, scene fashion again manages to invoke 1980s fashion. Lots of scene kids can be observed wearing very large and gaudy sunglasses. The people who need prescription lenses may choose a similar aesthetic for their regular glasses, allowing them to maintain an even stronger scene appearance all the time. Glasses are considered cool accessories these days, now that geeks and nerds are cool. In that sense, scene fashion almost feels like an update of 1980s fashion, rather than simply an homage to it.

Scene kids tend to wear jewelry that is very large and chunky. They will wear more big, plastic bracelets than delicate pearl necklaces. The jewelry is also going to have a tendency to be brightly-colored. Scene kids may wear several different bright, neon colors in one outfit, and they will be difficult to miss on the street or anywhere else. The scene subculture was partly influenced by the styles which are common in Japanese anime, and this is one reason why some scene kids almost look like live-action versions of anime characters.

Scene clothes tend to emphasize solid colors, but some of the stockings and leggings that scene kids wear will include horizontal stripes. Scene kids tend to wear pants which are form-fitting. Skinny jeans and leggings are both very popular in the subculture. The baggy pants that members of the skater subculture wear are definitely “out” when it comes to the scene subculture.

Many scene kids are automatically identified by the fact that many of them will wear hats. In addition to all of their other accessories, scene kids tend to wear large hats. Some of the hats that were designed to have kitsch value become popular in the scene subculture. Their hats will rarely match the rest of their outfits, but that incongruity is part of the statement.

Fashion that is coordinated well is literally easy on the eyes. Something that is easy on the eyes is probably not going to be as captivating as something that’s more striking. Scene clothes could most definitely be described as striking, which is very much the intention of the wearers.

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